Hi there, I’m so happy and excited that you found this blog and page where I can share with you who I am and what it is that I do.  I’m Sajida, the founder of Manir Marketing and I’m a Network & Affiliate Marketer and I get great satisfaction in helping Marketers obtains success in their network marketing companies by recruiting more Reps, getting more Leads and becoming Top Earners. I’ve always had a great passion and the upmost respect for this industry.  Therefore I’m eager to share my strategies for gaining momentum and achieving success in your own Network Marketing business.  I was once told by one of my lecturers at university that sharing is the ultimate key to success and there is nothing I enjoy more, than sharing what I’ve learnt, with you.  Network Marketing has huge potential to change people’s lives and I hope that Manir Marketing can assist you along the way.

I’m born and raised in England and enjoy a variety of things from baking to fast cars, to catching up on my favourite shows or spending time with my nieces and nephews and spoiling them rotten! And of course, not forgetting Jäger!

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